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Civil Court

Civil courts have jurisdiction over non-criminal disputes among individuals and/or corporations involving money, title or possession of real property, or lawsuits seeking compensation for a civil tort, such as personal injury.

Civil Court Overview

In a civil case, typically the plaintiff, a person, group, business, institution, or a government body, brings a claim of harm against a defendant, another person or group.

Learn About Different Types of Civil Cases

The Judicial Council’s website provides information and resources on different types of civil cases.

California Self Help Guide

Civil Direct Calendar Department

If the Court has assigned your case to a Civil Direct Calendar Department, you can get information about the department by visiting the eCourt Public Portal.

Unlawful detainer cases are assigned to Department 511, writ matters to Department 14, and collection matters to Department 5. Small Claims and Civil Harrassment matters are heard in Department 105 and 519.

Civil Court Services

  • Rulings on Motions

    Find information on Tentative Rulings, Motions, Ex Parte Applications, and how to reserve a hearing date.

  • Civil e-Filing

    View information and instructions on how to file and view e-filed documents via our new Civil e-filing public portal.

  • Small Claims

    Small Claims Court is a special court where you can resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively without an attorney.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

    Learn more about resolving your case via Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

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