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Drug Court

These courts accept people with misdemeanors or felonies, pre- or post-plea.

Charges do not have to be drug-related. These courts help people address problematic health issues and achieve legal relief. 

Referral Instructions

  • Defense Counsel: To have your client screened/assessed for Drug Court, please complete online form via the Referral button.
  • We will contact you to confirm Drug Court eligibility.



  • Pre- or post-plea, misdemeanor or felony (not necessarily drug related), probation violations 
  • Will have addiction or co-occurring conditions 

Exclusions for current charges

  • Serious Felonies [as per PC 1192.7(c)]
  • Violent Felonies [as per PC 667.5(c)]
  • Firearm Offenses 
  • Domestic Violence 


  • Six-month program for misdemeanors 
  • Twelve-month program for felonies 
  • Participants will attend court sessions, test for drug/alcohol use, complete a treatment program, and mental health plan. 

Potential Benefits 

  • Dismissal or reduction of charges (completion of diversion if appropriate) 
  • Sealing of records 
  • Complete program in lieu of incarceration 
  • Early release from probation, modification of probation, or no probation 
  • Temporary free sober housing, housing case management services 
  • Employment case management services 
  • Gift cards every court session, and other incentives 
  • Transportation vouchers 
  • Stay eligible for student loans 
  • If "undocumented," no conviction on record 
  • Amnesty for court, legal, and some traffic fees

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