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Civil e-Filing

The Superior Court of Alameda County proudly announces the launch of a new civil case management system eCourt, including Civil e-filing and a new public portal. Read more about what is new here.

DISCLAIMER: Protect Your Privacy

Many filed documents are viewable by the general public through the Court's eCourt Public Portal and/or at the courthouse. It is the sole responsibility of the filer to ensure that confidential identifiers are properly omitted or redacted prior to transmission. [California Rule of Court, rule 1.201]

  • Step 1.

    Review the court's filing instructions.

    See the Local RuleTechnical Requirements, and FAQs.

  • Step 2.

    Select an approved Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP.)

    See the certified EFSPs.

  • Step 3.

    File your documents. 

    Copies are available through your EFSP account or through the eCourt Public Portal.

    NOTE: The court strongly recommends that filers review the Technical Requirements, Tips for Successful e-filing, and FAQs, prior to filing.

Civil e-Filing Services

NOTE: Civil e-filing is not available after Midnight on the 4th Friday of each month due to system maintenance. Availability of the system will resume by 12:00 pm on Saturday.

Click here for a list of unplanned e-filing system outages.

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