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Judicial Mentor Program

Program Overview

The purpose of the Alameda County Superior Court Judicial Mentor Program is to assist in the recruitment and development of a qualified judicial applicant pool that is reflective of California's rich diversity. Through mentorship and outreach, the program is designed to both increase the pipeline of applicants and to demystify the judicial application process.

How Does it Work?

This two-part program consists of one-on-one mentoring and community outreach. Further details are provided in the FAQs.


Mentee attorneys will be paired with a mentor judge who will discuss the prospective applicant's career objectives, answer questions, and provide guidance regarding the judicial application process.

The role of the mentor judges is not to select or recommend candidates; rather it is to demystify the application process. Participation in the program is not an endorsement by Alameda County Superior Court; nor is it a guarantee of appointment.

Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach and Elimination of Bias Committee ("Outreach Committee") will work with all sectors of the legal community, including bar associations, public interest organizations, government attorneys, private law firms, and solo practitioners to recruit an inclusive and diverse judicial applicant pool. The goals of these outreach efforts are to: inform members of the legal community of the program, disseminate consistent information regarding the judicial application process and criteria, and encourage individuals to apply or assist in efforts to recruit diverse candidates for the bench.

Applicant Requirements

An applicant must:

  1. have practiced law in the State of California for at least nine years,
  2. be in good standing with the State Bar of California, and
  3. be committed to public service.

Interested individuals should complete the application formand send it along with their resume to the Alameda County Judicial Mentor Program at

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