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Odyssey Public Portal notification:

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The Court will be transitioning to Zoom for all remote appearances.  Click here to see information about how the transition will happen in each case type.

Mandatory Face Covering Requirements:

 Effective Monday, July 19, 2021, all persons entering any court facility will be required to properly wear a face covering over their nose and mouth, regardless of their vaccination status.

Important Information:

Beginning June 15, 2021, all courthouses are open to the public and most in-person services are restored.

Temporary Judge Program

Applications for Volunteer Court-Appointed Temporary Judges (Judges Pro Tem)

The Superior Court of Alameda County is now accepting applications from interested attorneys who wish to serve as a Volunteer Court-Appointed Temporary Judge (Judge Pro Tem) pursuant to Rule 2.810, et seq. of the California Rules of Court in the following case types: Civil (Small Claims; Unlawful Detainers; Civil Harassment and Workplace/Postsecondary School Violence); Probate; Family; Juvenile and Traffic.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: September 30, 2022.

Applicants must meet and maintain the requirements set forth in Rule 2.812 of the California Rules of Court.




The presiding judge may not appoint an attorney to serve as a temporary judge unless the attorney has been admitted to practice as a member of the State Bar of California for at least 10 years before the appointment.

Training and Continuing Education

All training and continuing education must be completed and renewed within the last three years. All required courses, except Bench Conduct and Demeanor, are available through the Judicial Council of California’s Temporary Judge Resources Page:



Judicial Ethics for Temporary Judges

Bench Conduct and Demeanor

  • Must be completed in person.
  • Certificates of Completion through any California trial court are accepted.




All courses in the below list are required for Temporary Judges who hear Civil cases.

  • Small Claims Court: Procedures and Practices
  • Small Claims Court: Consumer and Substantive Laws
  • Unlawful Detainer
  • Orders Prohibiting Civil Harassment/Postsecondary School Violence


Three hours of substantive training from the below list of courses is required for Temporary Judges who hear Family cases. 

  • Calendar Management in Family Court
  • Custody and Visitation
  • Determining Income
  • Child and Spousal Support
  • Characterizing Property
  • Dividing Property


All courses in the below list are required for Temporary Judges who hear Juvenile cases.

  • Juvenile Dependency
  • Juvenile Delinquency


The course listed below is required for Temporary Judges who hear Traffic cases.

  • Traffic


Certificates of completion of all required courses must be included with your application.

Applications to Serve as Temporary Judge

Every attorney who applies for appointment as a temporary judge in a trial court must complete an application to serve as a temporary judge. CRC 10.744

Application forms are available here.

Send completed applications to:

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