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Children's Waiting Room

The Children’s Waiting Room is a free service for parents and guardians who have court business at the Hayward Hall of Justice. The waiting room offers a safe place for your children to remain while you conduct your business at the Court. Please see the information below for details on the services provided by the Children's Waiting Room.

About the Children's Waiting Room and Staff

Age-appropriate games, toys and projects are provided for children. Light snacks are available. The staff has childcare experience and is trained in CPR and basic first aid. Please note that the waiting room only provides short-term care while parents remain within the court building. Parents and guardians should allow at least ten minutes to complete the necessary paperwork.

How to Use the Children's Waiting Room

Complete the registration form upon arrival at the Children’s Waiting Room. Matching wristbands will be assigned to the parent registering as well as the child. The same person registering at the Children’s Waiting Room must return to sign out the child. Inform the Children’s Waiting Room staff where in the court building you can be reached and attend to your court business confident that your child is playing in a safe and friendly environment.

If the registering parent or guardian is unable to sign out the child from the Children’s Waiting Room, only the emergency contact person listed during registration may pick them up with proper identification.

Who May Use the Children's Waiting Room

Any parent or guardian who has court business at the court facility where the Children’s Waiting Room is located including: defendants, witnesses, litigants, those with appearances before a judge, individuals filing papers, or those using Family Court services or the Family Law Facilitators Office. Children ages 15 and younger, including infants, are welcome at the Children’s Waiting Room.

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