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Veterans Treatment Court

This court accepts veterans with misdemeanors or felonies, pre- or post-plea. Veterans in this program are dealing with PTSD, alcoholism, military sexual trauma and other issues. This program connects veterans with the benefits they have earned in service to our country.  This program helps veterans change their lives and gain legal relief.

Referral Instructions: 

  • Defense Counsel: To have your client screened/assessed for Veterans Treatment Court, please complete online form via the Referral button 
  • We will contact you to confirm Veterans Treatment Court eligibility 



  • Pre- or post-plea, misdemeanor or felony, probation violations 
  • Will have served in some branch of the military 
  • Charges will be related to addiction or co-occurring conditions experienced as a result of military service 
  • Please review this veteran-specific statutory information: 
    • Military Diversion (pre- or post-plea misdemeanors) PC 1001.80 
    • Veterans Treatment Court (post-plea felonies) PC 1170.9 


  • Twelve-month program 
  • Participants will attend court sessions, test for drug/alcohol use, complete a treatment program, and mental health plan.

Potential Benefits: 

  • Dismissal or reduction of charges (completion of diversion if appropriate) 
  • Sealing of records 
  • Complete program in lieu of incarceration
  • Early release from probation, modification of probation, or no probation 
  • Housing & employment services 
  • Gift cards every court session, and other incentives 
  • Transportation vouchers 

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