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Berkeley Courthouse Probate courtrooms have transitioned to in-person hearings on Petitions for Appointment of Guardianship of the Person

Departments 201 and 202 – Berkeley Courthouse

  • The following hearings may be heard remotely at the discretion of the court: 
    • Any case designated on the calendar as Probate Non-Jury Trial
    • Petitions for conservatorship
  • The following hearings may be heard in-person at the discretion of the court:
    • Settlement conferences
    • Pretrial conferences
    • Motions
    • Court trials on any contested petition
    • Petitions to establish birth, death or marriage
    • Matters not listed above
  • Requests or agreements to appear remotely for hearings designated to be heard in person must be made by filing a Notice of Remote Appearance (Judicial Council Form RA-010).  (link to this site) RA-010 NOTICE OF REMOTE APPEARANCE (
    • Form RA-010 must be filed at least 10 court days before the hearing
    • You must email a courtesy copy of RA-010 to the Department clerk the same day you submit it for filing.
    • A party objecting to a remote appearance must file and serve a timely opposition, form RA-015 (link to this site)  RA-015 OPPOSITION TO REMOTE PROCEEDING
    • You must email a courtesy copy of RA-015 to the Department clerk the same day you submit it for filing.

Probate Court Overview

Probate court hears cases related to personal and financial affairs of adults and children, including:

  • The appointment of personal representatives including guardianships for children and conservatorships for incapacitated adults
  • The distribution and handling of estates of people who have died;
  • Petitions regarding trust administration;
  • Review and accounting of guardians and conservators;
  • Disputes about wills, trusts, and powers of attorney; and
  • Other matters that may arise under the Probate code.

Probate cases can be complicated. You may want to speak with an experienced probate lawyer. A lawyer can help you better understand the risks and responsibilities of your case.

The Self-Help Center & Family Law Facilitator’s Office for the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda offers workshops for Limited Conservatorship and Guardianship of the Minor and assistance with your existing case for Self-Represented Litigants who qualify. 

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