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Reentry Court

These courts accept people on parole or PRCS probation who are violating (or are at-risk to violate) the terms of their supervision due to addiction or co-occurring conditions. These courts help people successfully reenter society after serving time in state prison.

Referral Instructions 

  • Supervision Officers: Please complete your agency's internal referral packet and submit it to your agency's reentry court representative so the client can be added to the next reentry court calendar.


  • People who have violated (or are at-risk to violate) their parole or PRCS supervision due to addiction and co-occurring issues 
  • Will have at least nine-months left on supervision 
  • "Lifers,"  GPS gang unit, and people in the sex offender unit are excluded by parole department 


  • Twelve-month program
  • Participants will attend court sessions, test for drug/alcohol use, complete a treatment program, and mental health plan.

Potential Benefits 

  • In-custody time waived 
  • Early release from probation or parole 
  • Financial help including auto, rent, DUI school, etc. 
  • Temporary free sober housing, housing case management services 
  • Employment case management services 
  • Gift cards every court session and other incentives 
  • Transportation vouchers 

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