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The Court will be transitioning to Zoom for all remote appearances.  Click here to see information about how the transition will happen in each case type.

Mandatory Face Covering Requirements:

 Effective Monday, July 19, 2021, all persons entering any court facility will be required to properly wear a face covering over their nose and mouth, regardless of their vaccination status.

Important Information:

Beginning June 15, 2021, all courthouses are open to the public and most in-person services are restored.

Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court is a special court where you can resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively. The rules are simple. The hearing is informal. You are not allowed to have a lawyer represent you.


Please visit the Court's dedicated COVID-19 webpage for detailed information regarding available court services. 

Small Claims and Civil Restraining Orders ZoomGov Instructions (English and Spanish)

Small Claims Court Dates & Times

As of October 1, 2021, Small Claims cases will be heard in person at the Hayward Hall of Justice and Wiley W. Manuel Courthouses. Please see the hearing schedule for more information. 

Remote hearings will be permitted for good cause by the assigned judicial officer. Requests to appear remotely should be submitted in writing by email to the assigned courtroom no later than one week prior to the hearing date. Parties will receive the decision of the court by email.  

Note: Small Claims Night Court is now being heard In-Person. 

Hearing Schedule 

Small Claims FAQs & Information

Click and find answers to and more information on the following questions and topics:

Should you sue in Small Claims Court?

Information about Small Claims Court

Appealing from a Small Claims Judgment 

How to Get Help With Your Case

Fee Schedule

Rules & Forms

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