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Family Law Court

Family Law Courts have jurisdiction over all cases involving dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation, nullity, paternity, domestic violence, child custody, visitation and support.

Family Law


Please visit the Court's dedicated COVID-19 webpage for detailed information regarding available court services. 

Family Law and Restraining Orders ZoomGov Instructions (English and Spanish)


Family Law courtrooms transitioned to default in-person hearings. 

Department 502: Domestic Violence, Gun Violence and Elder Abuse Restraining Orders

Department 503: Trials, Long Cause Hearings and Adoptions

  • The following hearings will continue to be heard remotely: Orders to Show Cause, Family Law Status Conferences and Requests for Orders

Departments 507, 510, 513, 515, 516 and 522: Requests for Orders (RFO hearings), Orders to Show Cause, Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, Long Cause Hearings, Trials and Settlement Conferences:

  • Family Law Status Conferences will continue to be heard remotely.   

Remote hearings will continue to be an option in all Family Law courtrooms. If you wish to appear remotely, file and serve a Notice of Remote Appearance (Judicial Council Form, RA-010). Please review the attached  for additional details.

REMOTE COURTROOMS: Departments 504 (Settlements), 508 (DCSS) and 509 (DCSS) will continue to conduct hearings remotely until further notice.

Child Custody, Guardianship and Domestic Violence Recommending Counseling

Child Custody and Guardianship Recommending Counseling

Information Related to Domestic Violence

What you should know before your appointment  Domestic violence and child custody

What you should know after your appointment




Requesting a copy of your Child Custody Recommending Counseling Report 

Preparing for Child Custody Recommending Counseling when domestic violence is an issue
Agreement to meet together
Domestic Violence and Child Custody: Family code section 3044

FCS Intake Form

FCS Scheduling Instructions

Supervised Visitation

Click on the button below to visit California Courts' Access to Visitation page for more information.

Supervised Visitation

Watch video Supervised Visitation and Exchange Services in California.
Learn about supervised visitation, when a judge orders that a neutral third person be present during a parent’s time with his or her children.

Family Law Information in Different Sections

Some types of cases that involve families are covered in the following sections of this website:

  • Juvenile

    Criminal law violations by a child under the age of 18

  • Probate

    Guardianships and conservatorships for family members who cannot care for themselves or manage their personal financial matters,  or disposing of property after death through Wills or Trusts

  • Civil

    Information about civil harassment matters

  • Self-Help

    Small claims, restraining orders, domestic violence, elder abuse, civil harassment, name changes, representing yourself

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