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Media Information

General Information

Neither court facilities nor court proceedings may be photographed, recorded, or broadcast except as provided in California Rule of Court, rule 1.150,  and Local Rule 1.7.

Please note, pursuant to those rules, requests to film proceedings in a specific courtroom must be filled with the clerk in that courtroom. Requests to film empty courtrooms, or any other location within a courthouse or court facility, are directed to the Supervising Judge of the proposed courthouse, or Department 1 of the René C. Davidson Courthouse.

Media Requests

Click on the request types below for more information.

Request to Film or Photograph Court Proceedings

To photograph or film inside a courtroom, you must obtain written permission from the judicial officer assigned to the proceeding. To request permission to film or photograph:

1. Complete formMC 500(Media Request to Photograph, Record, or Broadcast), and

2. Complete formMC-510(proposed Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage), and

3. Submit the forms to the judicial officer presiding over the proceedingfive court days beforethe proceeding, unless good cause is shown. You may submit your paperwork by emailing the the Executive Office (Executive Office staff will forward the request to the department).

You may call the courtroom clerk directly to find out the judicial officer's decision on the request. Clerks' phone numbers are available on theJudicial Assignmentslist.

Request to Film or Photograph Court Facilities

Permission to film or photograph a court proceeding DOES NOT extend to hallways, empty courtrooms, or other areas of the court. Media outlets wishing to capture or record such spaces must obtain permission from the presiding judge. Email the Presiding Judge

  • Exteriors.Court facilities are public spaces and media may record in front of courthouses. However, at no time may any person or thing impede an individual from entering or exiting any court building.
  • Other.Requests to film or photograph the detention area at the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse should be directed to theAlameda County Sheriff's Office.

Submit all requests for interviews and requests for comments to Paul T. Rosynsky, Public Information Officer.

Please include information about your deadline.

Reporters should obtain case records (information and documents) through the standard public process:

  • use Odyssey to access criminal case information. 

For detailed information about the types of case records available and the process for obtaining them, click here.

Civil unlimited complaints submitted through e-filing and not yet processed by the Court. Please submit access requests or inquiries to

Additional Resources

MC-500 - Request for Cameras in the Courtroom

MC-510 - Order on Media Request for Cameras in the Courtroom

CRC 1.150 - California Rules of Court: Photographing, Recording, and Broadcasting in Court

LR 1.7 - Superior Court of Alameda County Local Rule: Electronic Devices in Courthouses

Canon 3B(9) - California Code of Judicial Ethics

Calendar Reports

Court Records - General information on how to obtain court records

eCourt Public Portal - Civil case information and documents

Find Your Court Date - 5 days of Civil, Criminal, Family Law, Probate, & Traffic calendars

Judicial Administration Records - Requests for administrative records per California Rule of Court 10.500

Odyssey Portal - Criminal case information

eCourt Public Portal - Civil case information

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