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Odyssey Public Portal notification:

The Odyssey Public Portal can only be accessed by registered users at this time.


The Court will be transitioning to Zoom for all remote appearances.  Click here to see information about how the transition will happen in each case type.

Mandatory Face Covering Requirements:

 Effective Monday, July 19, 2021, all persons entering any court facility will be required to properly wear a face covering over their nose and mouth, regardless of their vaccination status.

Important Information:

Beginning June 15, 2021, all courthouses are open to the public and most in-person services are restored.

Self-Help Center

The Self-Help Center/Family Law Facilitator's Office

The Self-Help Center/Family Law Facilitator's Office provides legal information and resources to self-represented court customers. Assistance may be in the form of private appointments, referrals, Live Chat and/or telephonic assistance. 

Most in person Self-Help services have been suspended during the COVID-19 public closure period.

  • Self-Help services vary in scope, and depending on your matter, you may be provided a referral, assisted the same day, scheduled for a future appointment, or asked to contact Self-Help another day.

  • Self-Help does not provide legal advice and cannot represent you in court. If you are represented by an attorney, or have an attorney of record, Self-Help is unable to provide assistance with your case.

  • Referrals are available to outside agencies and organizations regarding matters that Self-Help is unable to assist with.

The Center provides information and assistance with:

Divorce   ·   Parentage   ·   Custody/Visitation/Support   ·   Name Change   ·   Small Claims   ·   Debt Collection(limited assistance)   ·   Gender Change   ·   Eviction Defense   ·   Guardianship (of the person)   ·   Limited Conservatorship   ·   Restraining Orders: Civil Harassment, Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse

Learn more about the Self-Help Services here.




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