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The Court cannot give you legal advice or refer you to a lawyer. If you are seeking advice on California law, you should consult with a lawyer licensed by the State Bar of California. This website provides summary information and educational materials as a public service, but they may not apply to your particular circumstances. Remember, this website is not intended to—and cannot take the place of—advice from a lawyer.

Where Can I Find Assistance?

Representing yourself in court can be very complicated. There are many rules and procedures to follow, and the courts differ in how some things are done. Many cases require immediate kinds of actions that a person with little or no legal training may be unaware of. 

The California Courts Online Self-Help Center has information about small claims cases, custody and visitation, separations and divorces, name changes, and many other issues.

Alameda County Law Library

The Alameda County Law Library is a public library serving the needs of the legal community as well as the general public of Alameda County. By providing access to current legal information in databases and books, the library staff makes effective and informed participation in the legal system available to everyone. Premium databases like Lexis and Westlaw are available to everyone without charge and the book collection includes attorney practice guides and self-help books. The Law Library is located across the street from the Rene C. Davidson courthouse in Oakland.

Judicial Council Information

Legal Materials and Support

  • Find Law - Free legal research on full range of legal issues.

Community Legal Assistance

Other Helpful Resources

  • Legal Aid Society - California website with "I-Can" program (a self-help type program)

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