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Petition for Change of Name and/or Gender, Sex Identifier, and Birth Certificate of a Minor

Effective January 1, 2022, Assembly Bill 1578 modified Code of Civil Procedure §1276(e), requiring a petition for change of name and/or gender, sex identifier and birth certificate of a minor to be filed in the Juvenile court for the following individuals:

•      A minor with a guardian who is appointed by the Juvenile court

•      A minor with a court appointed dependency attorney appointed as guardian

•      A minor who is alleged or adjudged to be a ward of the court

•      A non-minor dependent

•      An attorney acting for a minor under Welfare and Institution code sections 601 or 602


Starting April 10, 2023, petitions may be submitted in any one of the following options:

•      eFile application (recommended)

•      In person at Juvenile Justice Center

•      United States Mail

•      Drop box


For the last three options, please provide one original, and two copies of the required documents. If you request endorsed copies returned via US Mail, include a self-addressed stamped envelope along with your request.

Do not place Juvenile case number on the petition, instead submit CM015 Notice of Related Case along with your request.

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