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Press Release

Case Files for Family Law, Probate, Mental Health, and Adoption Now on eCourt


Fax Filing and Domain case management system no longer active.

Oakland, Calif. – September 6, 2023 – All family law, probate, mental health and adoption case documents are now on eCourt, the Superior Court of Alameda County’s electronic case management system.

During the Labor Day weekend, the Court’s Office of Information Technology transitioned case filings into eCourt and disbanded Domain. Fax filing also ended last week.

Anyone attempting to file a document with the court is encouraged to e-file using a third-party electronic filing service provider (EFSP) (

While e-filing will not be mandatory until October 23 for attorneys filing documents in family law, probate, mental health and adoption cases, it is strongly recommended that attorneys begin using e-filing. Litigants representing themselves can continue to visit the courthouse to file cases but are also encouraged to e-file.

With this latest transition to eCourt, all the Court’s case files, except traffic, are now housed in a modern electronic filing system. All Civil and Appeals cases have been in eCourt ( since 2021 and Criminal case files are in Odessey (

eCourt is providing users a more streamlined approach to filing, reviewing and monitoring the development of cases in the court system. Among the significant changes are the electronic filing of most documents, an online court reservation system, elimination of fax filing and a modern interface that provides easier access to documents.

While the Court does not oversee the electronic filing of documents, it can offer support and guidance to users on how to access and manage files once they are in eCourt. Electronic filing is accomplished through third-party e-fling service providers (EFSP). To learn more about e-filing, please visit the court’s website here (

If you require technical assistance, please email


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