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37.869605, -122.2731917

Berkeley Courthouse

2120 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

Phone & Fax Numbers    

Phone Number:    510-647-4439
Probate Examiner Phone:     N/A
Pre-Grant List:     510-647-4404


Limited parking is available on nearby streets. Parking garages are available on Center and Kittredge Streets.

Public Transportation

The nearest BART station is Downtown Berkeley (.3 miles). AC Transit operates multiple bus lines that serve this area.

Court Divisions at this Location

  • Probate


  • 201-202


  • Probate Examiners

        Phone Hours:   9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Hours for Court Services

Office Business Hours Phone Hours Drop Box Hours
Probate 8:30 to 3:00 8:30 to 3:00

3:00 to 4:00

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