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Tuesday, July 10, 2001



The Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, announces the members of the Alameda County Grand Jury. Harry Sheppard, Supervising Judge, Gale/Schenone Hall of Justice and Presiding Judge Elect of the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, administered the Oath of Office to the members on June 28, 2001. Consistent with the provisions of Penal Code 901 (b), nine members from the 2000-2001 Grand Jury were re-appointed.

The members of the 2001-2002 Grand Jury are listed below:

Continuing Appointment

Keith Boyer, Castro Valley
Joel D. Flood, Berkeley
Levolia Hudson, Oakland
Charles J. Kadlecek, Castro Valley
Richard D. McDonald, Hayward
LaVon Neveau, Hayward
Henry J. Perry, Oakland
Nathan Shoehalter, Berkeley
James C. “Jim” Snell, Fremont

New Members selected by a Draw

Nathaniel Bornor, Oakland
Lillian L. Frazier, Hayward
Leo Gaspardone, Berkeley
Carl D. Jaramillo, Newark
Carl McCane, Oakland
Kathy Pearson, San Leandro
John J. “Patrick” Regan III, Castro Valley
William Samsel, Berkeley
Ellen Turinsky, San Leandro
Wayne Zimmerman, Sunol
Functions of the Grand Jury

Relationship to Court

The Grand Jury is a judicial entity. Penal Code §888 defines a Grand Jury as “A body of the required number of persons returned from the citizens of the County before a Court of competent jurisdiction ….” The Grand Jury is a “judicial body”, “an instrumentality of the Courts of this State.” The Grand Jury is part of the Court by which it is convened and is under the control of the Court. The Grand Jury serves as an integral part of the court system, subject to the Court's general supervision.

The Indictment

The first function of the Grand Jury is to weigh criminal charges and determine whether Indictments should be returned.

The Accusation

The second function of the Grand Jury is to weigh allegations of misconduct against public officials and determine whether to present formal accusations requesting their removal from office.

The Report

A third function of the Grand Jury is to act as the public's “watchdog” by investigating and reporting upon the affairs of local government.

The contact for this information release is Barbara J. Fox, Chief Assistant Executive Officer at (510) 272-6504.

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