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Odyssey Public Portal notification:

The Odyssey Public Portal can only be accessed by registered users at this time.


The Court will be transitioning to Zoom for all remote appearances.  Click here to see information about how the transition will happen in each case type.

Mandatory Face Covering Requirements:

 Effective Monday, July 19, 2021, all persons entering any court facility will be required to properly wear a face covering over their nose and mouth, regardless of their vaccination status.

Important Information:

Beginning June 15, 2021, all courthouses are open to the public and most in-person services are restored.

Jury Reporting:

Please check this page daily for updated information.

Phone & Fax Numbers

Phone and office hours differ by Division. For a complete list of Court phone and office hours, please click here.

Main Court Directory


Courtroom Directory

Listings By Division

Civil Division

Clerk's Office (Direct Calendaring, Complex Litigation, Asbestos)

  • 510-267-6912

Criminal Division

Clerk's Office

Family Division

Clerk's Office (Unlawful Detainers, Small Claims, Civil Restraining Orders)

  • 510-267-6911

Clerk's Office (Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support)

  • 510-267-6923

Jury Services

Jury Services Office

Juvenile Division

Clerk's Office

Probate Division

Clerk's Office

  • 510-647-4439

Probate Examiner's Office

  • 510-647-4403

Probate Investigator's Office

  • 510-636-8820


Records Office

Self-Help Center

Self-Help Center Office

  • 510-272-1393

Child Custody Recommending Counselors

CCRC Contacts

  • 510-690-2500
  • Fax:510-783-4297

Traffic Division

Clerk's Office - Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse

Clerk's Office - Fremont Hall of Justice

Clerk's Office - East County Hall of Justice

Other Court Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Collaborative Court Services

  • 510-272-1202
  • Fax:510-444-2938

Appeals Unit

Exhibit Services Office

Tentative Rulings – Department 511

  • 510-272-1200

Tentative Rulings – All other Departments

  • 866-223-2244

Court Reporter Transcripts

Temporary Judges Program

Language Access and Interpreters


Finance & Facilities Division

Collections Unit

Financial Hearing Officers

Procurement Unit

Human Resources Division


  • 510-891-6091
  • Fax:510-267-5765

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