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Elder and Dependent Adult Access Program

Elder & Dependent Adult Access Program Information

Funded by a grant from the California Judicial Council.

Assistance & Access to the Courts for Seniors

What is Elder Abuse?  Abuse of an elder or a dependent adult means:

  • Physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, abandonment, isolation, abduction, or other treatment with resulting physical harm, pain or mental suffering.
  • The deprivation by a caregiver of goods or srvices that are necessary to avoid physical harm or mental suffering.

Can you answer YES to any of the following questions?  (From California Welfare and Institutions Code 15610.07)

  1. Are you 65 or over or a dependent adult?
  2. Is someone physically abusing you or causing you emotional harm?
  3. Is someone who helps you with the daily necessities of life threatening to hurt you?
  4. Is someone who helps you wiht the daily neccessities of life misusing your money?
  5. Is an elder you know being abused?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, the Elder Access Program can assist you with court, legal, and community resources.

The Elder Access Program can help you:
  1. Navigate the court system.
  2. Assess your needs.
  3. Make contact with community agencies that can assist you.
  4. Obtain restraining orders.
  5. Provide support at court hearings.

Elder Access Program Services are free!

Other Resources for Elders who are being abused or neglected:

  • Adult Protective Services: (510) 577-1900 or toll free: (866) CALL - APS
  • Family Justice Center and District Attorney Elder Abuse Assistance: (510) 267-8800
  • Legal Assistance for Seniors (LAS): (510) 832-3040
  • Superior Court Self-Help Center: (510) 272-1393
  • More information can be accessed on the Judicial Council's website: Getting Help - abuse_selfhelp (

If you are in a crisis: Call 911 and ask for an Emergency Protective Order.

There Is No Shame In Asking For Help!

Find more information about the following services:

  • Restraining Orders
  • Legal Services
  • Social Services
  • Housing
  • Social Security
  • Food Programs
  • Senior Centers

For more information about the Access Program, please contact: 

Superior Court of Alameda County Elder & Dependent Adult Access Program: (510) 690-2500

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