Family Law Court

Family Law Courts hear cases involving divorce (dissolution of marriage), nullity, legal separation, and paternity, including related issues of spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation, and community property.  Family Court also hears cases of domestic violence and elder abuse.
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Important Deadline Notice: December 3, 2021

Parties seeking the processing of family law judgments by December 31, 2021 must submit their proposed judgment and any related filings to the Court no later than December 3, 2021. Proposed judgments requiring additional information, corrections or clarification may not be processed by December 31, 2021, even if submitted by December 3, 2021. To ensure sufficient processing time, please submit proposed judgments as early as possible.

Please visit the Court's dedicated COVID-19 webpage for detailed information regarding available court services. 

More About Family Law

Family Court Location


All documents to be filed in a Family Law Case must be presented for filing at the Hayward Hall of Justice. All documents to be filed in a case requesting issuance of a protective order under Family Code Section 6200 et seq. (Domestic Violence Prevention Act) may also be filed at the René C. Davidson Courthouse.



Some types of cases that involve families are covered in a different section of this website:
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  • Disposing of property after death through Wills or Trusts--visit the Probate section of this website.
  • For information about civil harassment matters visit the Civil section of this website.
  • For name changes, visit the Self-Help section.  
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