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  • Personal Appearances are REQUIRED for Petition(s) for Appointment of Guardian of Person/Estate (No Zoom/Remote Appearances allowed). 

  • Effective January 3, 2022, the Probate Division of the Alameda County Superior Court may allow appearance for hearings to be either in-person or remote, depending on case type, in compliance with CCP Section 367.75. Please see the Alameda Court Local Rule 1.90 for detailed instructions.  

  • All procedural issues must be cleared by 12:00 p.m. two (2) court days prior to the hearing, otherwise, the hearing may be dropped at the Court's discretion. 

  • You may NOT need to file an amended Petition to address the issues related to the Petition. Instead, a verified declaration (MC-030) can be used to address procedural issues related to the filings. If an Amended Petition or Amendment to the Petition is needed and filed, a new Notice of Hearing must be served and re-published if applicable, pursuant to California Rules of Court 7.53.

  • If you need a one-time continuance, you may contact the courtroom to obtain a new hearing date:

                Dept. 201: (510) 647-4470  

                Dept. 202: (510) 647-4471  

  • If you do not have an attorney in Guardianship of the person or Limited Conservatorship cases, the Self-Help Center staff and volunteers may be able to assist you with procedural information and instruction on completing forms. Please contact the Self-Help Services for further information.