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Photo Red Light Citations

What is a Photo Red Light Violation
Cameras have been installed at specific signal controlled intersections to take video and pictures of vehicles which cross the intersection on a red light. A photo is taken of the front of the vehicle and front license plate when the vehicle’s speed and position trip a sensor located before the intersection a photo is also taken of the driver when the vehicle enters the intersection on a red light. The photo information is submitted to law enforcement through an automated records database and a citation is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Courtesy Notice
You will receive two courtesy notices, one from the Redlight Vendor and one from the Court. They will outline the details of your violation and your options to resolve the violation.

View Video Violation
The courtesy notice will provide steps on how you can view your violation online using the following link View Your Photo Red Light Video. You may also view your violation on kiosks located at the Citing Agency.

Payment may be made online, using our IVR phone system 1-866-822-0560, by mail, or in person.

Contest in Court
To contest your violation, please see How do I contest my Citation and How do I prepare for Court.

Not the Owner
If you are the person in the Red Light camera photograph and were driving a company car, do the following: Have your company complete the "OPTION A: AFFIDAVIT OF NON-LIABILITY-IF YOU WERE NOT THE DRIVER" section on the 'Affidavit on Non Liability With Bail' document. Use the pre-printed return address for the Photo Redlight Vendor to send the document back for processing.


It is recommended that the requested documentation be sent certified mail with a return receipt.

Upon receipt of the above documentation, the Citing Agency will dismiss the citation from the company's name and issue a citation to the person that has been identified as the driver. The citation in the company's name will not be dismissed until the Court has received the completed identification form or payment has been made.

If the citation is to be taken out of the company name: DO NOT PAY THE CITATION

Not the Driver
Please see the I was not the driver page.
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