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I am a juvenile

Juvenile citations, Juvenile traffic misdemeanor violations, 14601.1s, 12500s, and VC 20002 are processed through the Probation Department along with other Juvenile violations.

Traffic infraction citations issued to minors are processed and adjudicated at the Superior Court Traffic Divisions. A courtesy notice will be mailed to the Parent/Guardian of the juvenile at the address listed on the citation within four weeks from the date the citation was issued. Follow the instructions on the notice exactly.

The date at the bottom of the citation is not a court date. It is the date by which you should receive a courtesy notice. If you have not received a notice within four weeks of receiving the citation, please bring the citation with your Parent/Guardian to one of the Traffic Division windows at the Courthouse.

The juvenile may be eligible to attend traffic school if he/she has not attended within the last 18 months.  18 months is calculated from the date of violation, not when traffic school was last attended.  A Court administrative fee as well as a fee to the Traffic School must be paid. Upon successful completion of Traffic School, the citation will be dismissed.

If the juvenile wishes to contest the citation, the Parent/Guardian must schedule a hearing at which the Parent/Guardian must appear with the juvenile. The Parent/Guardian may do this in person or by mail.

Failure to appear or to comply with the instructions on the Courtesy Notice will result in a hold being placed against the juvenile's driving record, an increase in the bail due and may adversely affect the Parent/Guardian's insurance.
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