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How do I pay my bail or fine?

May 1, 2017 - The Court has recently adopted a new program for individuals who are unable to pay traffic fines. For more information, click here.
Payments may be made online, using our automated phone system (IVR) 1-866-822-0560, by mail, and in person. 

To pay by Internet
Click this link to pay your citation online. VISA and MasterCard accepted. Please note: Some citations cannot be processed online.

To pay by telephone
You can pay your citation over the telephone using our Automated Phone System (IVR) 1-866-822-0560. You will need a touch-tone telephone and a credit card (VISA and MasterCard accepted). Please follow the instructions on your courtesy notice for the appropriate phone number to call. There is a $6.00 convienence fee to use this service. Please note: Some citations cannot be processed using the Automated Phone System.

To pay by mail
Write your docket number on your check and all correspondence. Make checks/money orders payable to CLERK OF THE COURT. Mail the return portion of the courtesy notice and payment to the Court address listed on the courtersy notice. VISA and MasterCard accepted.

To pay in person
Visit the courthouse's Traffic Division to pay your Citation, at the Traffic counter. VISA and MasterCard accepted.

If you plead guilty or are found guilty by the Commissioner, you will be fined. You may pay the amount of the fine that same day or enter into a contract to make monthly payments until the fine is paid. If you choose to make monthly payments, there will be a one-time fee of $35.00. If you are unable to pay the fine, you may request volunteer work at your court appearance. With this option, you work your fine off at the rate of $22.00 per hour.

Delinquent fines
Delinquent traffic fines are referred to our collection agency.  The court website online tool "Pay your Traffic Tickets" is not available for delinquent fines.  Please go to the collection agency website to pay your delinquent traffic fine.  If you have questions about your delinquent account, please call the collection agency at (844) 544-5358.
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