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Fax Filing




During the COVID-19 crisis, the Court will not offer premium fax filing service. During this time, Filings submitted to the Premium Fax Line will not be received by the Court. All documents filed by fax filing will be subject to the non-premium fax filing surcharge. Parties with a fee waiver will not be charged a fax filing surcharge during the COVID-19 crisis. Court users may request a fee waiver via mail, drop box, or fax filing. 

Papers received before 3:00 p.m. will be processed within three business days. See Emergency Local Rule 1.8a for more details. 

For information about the Court's response to the COVID-19 virus, please visit our COVID-19 Information Page.

Parties may file documents via facsimile (fax) in Civil, Probate, and Family Law cases pursuant to Local Rule of Court 1.8 and the California Rules of Court(Please note:  If the information provided on this website conflicts with the rules of court, the rules of court prevail).

Effective October 15, 2018: Civil, Probate and Family Law filings each have separate designated fax numbers. Fees and other established requirements remain in effect. Failure to submit documents to the correct fax number may result in processing delays. Click here to view the Fax Filing Flyer. 



 The court will review and process all
 documents submitted via fax filing
 within three business days.


 Civil & Probate
 Fax Numbers



 Family Law
 Fax Numbers




 $1.00 per page



ALL FAX FILING (Regular & Premium)


 Regular and premium fax filing may be used in Civil, Probate and Family Law cases.

 Required Form

 All documents submitted for regular or premium fax filing must have the Judicial Council
 Facsimile Transmission Cover sheet (JC form MC-005) as the first page of each case filing.
 When submitting documents for multiple cases, use a separate Judicial Council Facsimile 
 Transmission Cover sheet for each case.

 File-Stamp Date

 Documents received by 3:00 PM on a court day are file-stamped with the court day they
 are received. Documents received after 3:00 PM will be file-stamped the next court day.


 The required filing fees and fax filing surcharge must be paid by credit card. All required credit   card information must be included on the Judicial Council Facsimile Transmission Cover sheet.

 Rejected Filings

 If a document is rejected for filing, the entire document must be re-submitted, including the
 Judicial Council Facsimile Transmission Cover sheet.

 How will I know that
 the court has received
 and processed the

 Once processing is complete, a receipt will be faxed back to you. The receipt will include
 the case number, the amount charged to your credit card account, and any additional
 information required.


 Can I view file-stamped documents online?
 Yes. If allowed by law, file-stamped copies are viewable online (on DomainWeb) once
 processed. If the law prohibits online disclosure, the court will send you a return fax with a   stamped copy of the first page of the document.

 Item 2 of the Judicial Council Facsimile Coversheet suggests submitting a separate
 attachment with processing instructions. Is this necessary? 
 No, unless there are some extraordinary circumstances related to your filing, this item is

 Contact Numbers 


 Civil & Probate: 510-690-2555
 Family Law: 510-690-2550

 Telephone Hours
 10:00am - 2:00pm

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