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More Information About Probate Court

The Probate Division hears matters encompassed by the Probate Code, including:
  • Appointment of personal representatives
  • Distribution of decedents' estates
  • Petitions concerning trust administration
  • Appointment of guardians and conservators
  • Review of accountings of guardians and conservators
  • Other matters that may arise under the probate code
The probate examiners are paralegals employed by the Court to review all papers filed with the Probate Division. They check filings for compliance with the probate code, local court rules, "California Rules of Court, Title 7", and the policies of the Court. As a result of this review, the examiners may identify problems or other concerns that need to be corrected before the judge hears the matter. The written results of the examiners' review - the examiners' notes - are made available by the Court on the court's website, usually several days before the hearing date. The notes for each matter on the calendar may be viewed by anyone with Internet access. Those without Internet access may review the examiners' notes at the Court. If no problems are found, the case may be listed on the court's pre-grant list. The telephone number for the Pre-Grant List is (510) 647-4404, the courtoom number is (510) 647-4470, and the probate clerk's number is (510) 647-4439.  Telephones are not answered in the clerk's office after 2:30pm. 
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