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Criminal & Juvenile e-filing

Electronically File Court Documents with Odyssey eFileCA

Effective Monday, July 1, 2019: The Superior Court of Alameda County will implement new electronic filing fees for non-excempt filers in Criminal and Juvenile cases. Click here for press release.

Our Juvenile and Criminal Divisions are now accepting electronic filings. At this time, Motions to Set Aside Bail Forfeiture cannot be filed via this service.

Effective October 12th, the Tyler e-filing portal was been upgraded. Filing information can be found by clicking this link. Or by typing this address into your browser If you previously registered, you will not need to register in the new portal, and can use your credentials to sign-in.

Register to File by following the steps to Register

Register Callout

Once registered, Sign in and e-File

Signin Callout

Use of the site requires registration at

Registration Process
Step 1.  Once you arrive on the eFile CA homepage, select the Get Start  link

Step 2.  Select the eFileCA  to begin the registration process.  

Step 3. In the Actions section, select Register or review the FAQ’s link for step by step instructions.
Ready to File

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