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DomainWeb (Family Law and Probate)

The Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, provides the public with online access to civil case records (documents and information) through DomainWeb. DomainWeb provides information about Probate and Family Law cases, but does not include information about General Civil, Criminal, Juvenile, or Traffic cases.  For criminal case records, visit the Criminal Record Request Portal.

In addition to providing access to images of documents for many types of cases (which can be viewed and printed for a fee), DomainWeb offers the following services:

* Name Search, where you can search by name and receive a list of case numbers and filing dates matching the party name entered, if the information is available. The register of actions will be displayed when a case number is selected.

* Calendar Search, where you can choose a date and court location, and see calendars for departments at the selected location.

* Case Number Search, where, if you know the case number, you can read about the parties to a case, read the Register of Actions and the minutes, view dates for future hearings, and view and/or print images of case documents.

* Public Reports (Filings) Search, which provides links to all non-confidential cases filed on any given day, by location and case type. This search page allows you to view (not print) the initial case creation petition (filing) for free for the first 5 days from the date of the filing.

* Preview half pages for free.

*Use credits to purchase both documents and name searches, which allows a "Pay as You Go" option,


Notice: The Court launched a new civil case management system on October 12, 2021. All civil and civil appeal case records are now available in the eCourt Public Portal


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