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Appendix A - Forms

Appendix A
Local Forms List

Under California Rules of Court, rule 10.613, the court may adopt local forms to govern practice or procedure.

Local forms adopted for mandatory use bear the word “adopted” in the lower left corner of the first page of each form, and are identified as mandatory by an asterisk (*) on the list of local forms published in this appendix. Optional local forms bear the word “approved” in the lower left corner of the first page. Use of an approved (optional) form is not mandatory but the form must be accepted in appropriate cases at court locations that have a public counter for filing such documents (Local Rule 1.9).

Form No. Date Adopted                     or Revised Title
 ALA ADOPT-060  1/1/2009  Petition for Adoption
 ALA ADOPT-065  1/1/2009  Agreement of Adoption of Adult or Married Minor
 ALA ADOPT-070  1/1/2009  Consent of Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner to Adoption of Adult or  Married Minor
 ALA ADOPT-075  1/1/2009  Order of Adoption of Adult or Married Minor
 ALA ADR-001*  3/21/2019  Stipulation to Attend Alternative Dispute Resolution and Delay Initial Case  Management Conference for 90 Days
 ALA ADR-002*  7/1/2015  Stipulation to Participate in Discovery Facilitation
 ALA ADR-003*  7/1/2015  Notice of Discovery Facilitator Selection Form
 ALA CIV-100*  7/1/2015 Notice of Case Management Conference and Order 
 ALA CR-002*  7/1/2016  Misdemeanor Advisement of Rights, Waiver, and Plea
 ALA CR-002A*  1/1/2011  Misdemeanor Plea Attachment (VC 14601 Penalties)
 ALA CR-002B*  1/1/2011  Misdemeanor Plea Attachment (DUI Penalties)
 ALA CR-002C*  1/1/2011  Misdemeanor Plea Attachment (VC 23103 / 23103.5)
 ALA CR-060  1/1/2020  Advisement and Waiver of Right to Counsel (Faretta Waiver)
 ALA CRM-050*  1/2/2015
 Petition for Resentencing - Response and Order
 (PC 1170.18) -- for defendants currently serving sentences, including probation
 ALA CRM-051*  12/22/2014
 Application for Reduction to Misdemeanor - Response and Order
 (PC 1170.18(f)) -- for persons who have completed their sentences
 ALA CRM-052  1/1/2017  Advisement of Rights for Arraignment Without Interpreter
 4/27/2020  Order Re: Release on Own Recognizance
 ALA FL-002*  1/1/2008  Stipulation and Order Appointing Private Child Custody Recommending      Mediator
 ALA FL-002-ATTACHMT*  1/1/2008  Consent to Serve and Certification of Private Child Custody Recommending  Mediator
 ALA FL-004  1/1/2008  Order Appointing Accounting Expert
 ALA FL-006  1/1/2008  Order Appointing Real Estate Expert
 ALA FL-008*  1/1/2009  Attachment to Order Appointing Child Custody Evaluator (FORM FL-327)
 ALA FL-010  7/1/2014  Declaration Regarding Notice and Delivery of Request for Temporary  Emergency Orders
 ALA FL-015*  1/1/2009  Agreement for Child Visitation Supervision
 ALA FL-015-INFO*  7/1/2014  Guidelines for Child Visitation Supervision
 ALA FL-021  1/1/2013  Application and Order for Minor's Counsel Fees Over Cap
 ALA FL-030*  1/1/2008  Summary of Contested and Resolved Issues
 ALA FL-035  1/1/2016  Application and Order for Continuance of Hearing, Status Conference, or  Case Resolution Conference
 ALA FL-037* 1/1/2013   Application and Order for Telephone Appearance
 ALA FL-040  1/1/2013  Status Conference Questionnaire
 ALA FL-041*  7/1/2014  Case Management Conference Questionnaire for Continued Family Law  Status Conference or Family Centered Case Resolution Conference
 ALA FL-045*  1/1/2012  Stipulation and Order for Voluntary Settlement Conference
 ALA FL-050*  1/1/2012  Request for Case Resolution Conference
 ALA FL-055*  1/1/2012
 Joint Application and Order for Continuance of Settlement Conference,  Long-Cause Hearing, or Trial
 ALA FL-060  7/1/2016  Stipulation to Commissioner to Sit as Temporary Judge for All Purposes 
 ALA INT-001*  5/1/2015  Interpreter Request Form (Civil/Family)
 ALA JV-001*  1/1/2008  Application and Order to Change or Add a Juvenile Court Date
 ALA JV-002*  1/1/2008  Recommendation, Certification, and Order for Medical, Surgical, Dental, or  Other Remedial Care
 ALA JV-003*  1/1/2008  Declaration and Application for Access to Juvenile Court Records
 ALA JV-004*  1/1/2008  Family Court Stipulation and Order Dismissing Juvenile Court Case
 ALA TR-310.1*  8/1/2015  Agreement to Pay Traffic Violator School Fees in Installments (Traffic  Infractions)
 ALA-PT-001  4/27/2020  Pretrial Release Order and Release Agreement
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